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New Books Available: Three new books written by Dr. William Evans are becoming available. A scholarly treatise on the Book of Revelation (The Rainbow Promise), a historical fiction adventure series about the life of Jesus (Ye'shua: The Advent) and a short ebook for busy people (Meditation on the Run).

Past Lives -- Are they Real? Read some true encounters of people under hypnosis as they experience a past life.

I Hear Living People -- Listen to recorded teachings of channeled entities who, in times past, have been in the physical body.


You ARE a Spirit - A Child of God!

The addition of your physical earth body demonstrates how brave you are to attempt life in this form.

No, this is not some new age site, attempting to dazzle you with mysteriousness. But it is a a site to encourage growth and development of the Inner Self - the Spirit. You will discover books, links, stories, and the occasional blatant commercial, all designed to benefit you if you so choose. It is a site perpetually under construction, and you will discover that some links will not work. (Contact us when that happens!)

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Explore, learn, and grow in Spirit and in Truth.

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